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Mac the Fire Guy
                                              Class Objectives:
                                                                                           Fire & Life Safety in “YOUR” RV
                                                                                              In this 2 hour seminar, you will LEARN
                          1. When to fight or flight.
                          2. What causes most RV fires and how to prevent them?
                          3. Checking, testing and use of your dry powder/chemical fire extinguisher.
                          4. Care, selection and replacement of RV SMOKE, LPG & CO detectors.
                          5. Making the decision to drive with propane on or off
                          6. Many other issues relating to RV Fire & Life Safety.
                          7. Introduction to FOAM hand held & automatic fire extinguishers.
                          8. Does your rig really need an automatic engine compartment or interior extenguishing system and
                              how to get an insurance discount.
                          9. In the live fire portion of the seminar, attendees (ladies) will have the opportunity to fight several fires
                              with various types of fire extinguishers.
                                                                 HOW TO USE YOUR EXIT WINDOW IN A FIRE
                                                                        In this 1 hour class you will LEARN
                          1. How to open, maintain and use your exit window.
                          2. What causes the fires that may force you to use the emergency exit.
                          3. Students will use exit window in motor home. 5th wheel or travel trailer.
                                                                                     Sponsors & Endorsements
These seminars are sponsored by: The Family Motor Coach Assoc. (FMCA) and The Miller Insurance Agency. These courses are also endorsed by the Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education Foundation (RVSEF), Escapees (SKP’s), and RVing Woman (RVW). 35 year Fire-fighting veteran Mac McCoy instructs these entertaining classes which will teach you skills for fire-safe travel.
                                                                                                   Mac’s Bio
G. B. “Mac” McCoy has served 35 years in the fire service and holds a BS Degree in Fire Science and a Masters Degree in Fire Administration. Mac has served as a firefighter paramedic, Captain, Assistant Chief of Training, Deputy State Fire Marshal, and Deputy Sheriff. For 12 years as the Fire Training Coordinator for Oregon’s Fire Marshal’s Office and Public Safety Academy. Mac has taught fire safety to civilians, military, firefighters, law enforcement, corrections officers and The Boy Scouts of America in both the US and overseas. For the past 15 years Mac has devoted his time teaching RVers how to stay fire safe while traveling and living in their RV.